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Monday, May 2, 2011

*gasp* *tear* *gulp*

so picture this... your youngest child, the last baby you'll ever have, the one that calls you Old Ladypants wakes up one day and by the grace of God has turned five years old.  that is hard to swallow.  not because you're mad-sad, but you are shocked-sad.

how did this happen so quickly?  just yesterday i nursed her to sleep.  just yesterday i had to change that poo-tanky diaper.  or remember all those cute lil sophie videos?  be still my heart.

{it is breaking.}

i found my inspiration for her birthday party over at One Charming Party {i so love that site} - full of inspiration, motivation, and perfection.  sophie's fifth birthday felt like it was off the chain.

here's the proof:

  • balloons from
one suggestion though...
rent a helium tank and bring it to YOU.
we {my sister} had quite the snafu getting these suckers home.
there are still two giant blown up blue ones at Party City if anyone has a box truck to bring them home.  tell 'em i sent ya.

 cupcakes courtesy of...
oh yeah.  i created magic this day.

  • adorable pedestal frames to feature the birthday girl from

  • i bought this bead kit from AC Moore on sale for $8.
it took me eight hours to make fourteen bracelets.
and because i'm nice like this, i totally put a knot in between each and every bead.
you know you hate it when a bracelet explodes on you.

 these are my finished products.
  • i got the ice-cream/Popsicle charms from this awesome lady over on etsy.

  • scented ice-cream bubbles found at AC Moore.
but, after several trips to different places i also landed upon smaller versions of these at the Dollar Tree -- a pack of 4 for a $1, vice the above version which cost $1 per piece.

  •  i also landed upon these fabulous ice-cream marshmallows at the Dollar Tree.
super cute and uber popular with the wee ones.

 this is the moment when i choked up just a bit.
that smile will own my ass forever.

 the only thing i can suggest to you, should you ever attempt this, is to enlist the help of several others in a WAY more organized fashion to hand out the ice cream to 14 children.
not only do you feel a bit suffocated, they rush the pants off of you.
i'm not going to lie... i was sweating from all the pressure.
you would too.

here's the birthday oldladypants.
it just ain't right.
not only is she huge, she's in love with justin bieber.
she is way beyond her years.

and i can hear you all now...
"just you wait!"

happy birthday, sophers!  you are so sophilicious, it kills me.


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