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Thursday, April 28, 2011

o, btw...

i am co-hosting a Royal Wedding Party tomorrow.
eat your hearts out.

or join me in spirit!

it will be fabulous, i can assure you.

if you have time on your hands and are looking to plan a party,
head on over to TomKat Studios for some free

oh yeah baby, that's right.

i printed them all and will be celebrating beginning at 5:30am EST.  EDT?  whatev time.

i'm proud to announce my coworkers have agreed to meet up at work beginning at 5:30am for food and royal festivities.  

i'll be bringing the wedding cupcakes and tons of wedding excitement.
{it's ok to be excited.  i mean, it's like a real life fairytale, except for the see-through-dress she wore.  what was she thinking?}

i honestly am in love with this princess-to-be.
her hair is to die for.
and yes, that's about all it's going to take to convince me she'll be an amazing princess.
{because fairytales aren't real, it's ok for me to also be shallow.}

thank you TomKat for hookin' a sistah' up!

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