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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


potty training a three year old is probably 10 times as hard as potty training a one year old. {it just is} --- Lord, will me the strength to survive this.

Otherwise... beer me.

not only do we battle the potty, we battle naps and ni-night. we battle these things with such ferocity that it constantly leaves poor mommy in tears. the worst of motherhood. the worst in me.

i took it all for granted with my first daughter. she was a cake walk. a nice, fluffy, cream-cheese coated cake walk. she was fully potty trained before her brother who is a full 15 months older than she is. it just happened. it was awesome. and i didn't even know it at the time.

i am lost.

i don't know how to potty train a three year old. it's like potty training a 14 year old... a reason for everything, a fit if she doesn't get her way, rationalizations out the ying yang... why oh WHY DID I WAIT?

{she's my baby}

i know why i waited subconsciously. but it all happened without me realizing it. that is hard to swallow. how did i dupe myself like this?

first the binky.

now this.

word to the wise... listen to the doctor when she says to have them off the binky before they hit 18 months. otherwise, you'll have a 3 year old 'tween on your hands singing Hannah Montana, pretending to have a boyfriend, and talking to you with her hand on her hip.

{it's not worth it.}
{and at that point it's extra weird that they're still in diapers and sucking on a pacifier.}

Monday, May 4, 2009


So I just found this website FMyLife and thought it was hilarious. Things can be worse.

{Just funny things to remind you that life could be worse. we all need these reminders sometimes. today is my "sometimes" }

So big news... well, if you like Mommy News.

Sophie turned 3 last week. Holy crap my baby is three. So we held a BackYard-igan BBQ and it rained. For 5 days prior and it's still going strong... rain, rain, rain. Inside my tiny abode we threw a BBQ. It was warm in my tiny abode. Sweaty warm. I took the liberty of doing as much supervision of kids in my basement as possible. What? Yes it was to be a proper host and watch over the kids. What? Yes I'm not that selfish to be down there for the cooler weather. {only i am comPLETELY that selfish. and apparently, just as honest... unless you count not telling everyone else it was cooler downstairs.}

Saturday Emma lost her first tooth. What? You didn't even picture her losing her teeth EVER? Join the club. "I don't want that fairy near my pillow, on my porch, or in my FRONT YARD! Put that tooth in the mailbox!" {I have no idea where she learned to be so dramatic.}

And finally, today, TODAY, at the ripe ole' age of Three Years 2 Days old, Sophie peed in her pink potty for the FIRST TIME. You remember that pink potty, I'm sure of it. And then, well, she proceeded to fill up an entire pull-up after doing her "job" of peeing at least ONCE today while mommy worked. {This girl can rationlize better than me in a mall with no supervision.}

Life is a'changin'... am I really ready for all of this?

Hells yes.

{and i say that as lovingly as possible}

{sophie montana}