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Monday, December 20, 2010

To do:

To Do:

1. Decorate the house.

2. Bake 25 dozen cookies.

3. Purchase all the Christmas gifts.

4. See the new Reese Witherspoon Movie.

5. Wrap all the Christmas gifts.
{totally NOT checked}

i so totally despise wrapping Christmas gifts.  i just never can gather up the motivation to get it done.  for the last eight years i have waited until Christmas eve to wrap all my gifts.  and every Christmas eve i swear up and down that i will never procrastinate again.  and every Christmas eve i find myself cursing myself silly.

but it blows.

it is cold in my basement.

it is lonely in my basement.

i.  hate.  it.

but i find myself debating.

am i alone?
does everyone else love to wrap?
am i the only person on earth that dreads that last, horrible Christmas task?

please, sweet baby Jesus.... help me love to wrap.
make this fun for me.
make that basement my happy place.
motivate my arse to do this.
 i so need you.


in other news...
i got my Christmas bonus.
rock on, right?

i'm proud to announce that with this bonus...

i will be getting...

 four amazing new tires.
Christmas has lost that magical touch now that i'm an adult.  that is fo' SHO'!

watching my kids' faces on Christmas morning will make up for it.
but speaking of magical...
if you're in the market for some awesomeness,
head on over to ThinkGeek.

this item is particularly full of magical goodness.

to you and yours this holiday season... 
Merry Christmas!
erica & chris

1 comment:

  1. Awww Great pic of Chris and you! Ummmm, I LOVE to wrap, but I think the rest of the world may be with you on this one...