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Sunday, September 5, 2010

flaked out.

i was pumped.
jazzed, even.

game 1.
fall tackle.
cool breeze in the air.
team spirit all over the place.

dad is in his coaching shirt.
ethan is in his uniform.

i grab the camera.
the camera that i made sure had a FULLY charged battery.
and i forgot the F&*%@*! memory card.


i was up early yesterday.
even got a shower.
scrambled to make sure i wouldn't get caught with a dead battery.

and it's the MEMORY card that got me.

no pictures to show you from the big game.
just one from after the game, courtesy of my phone.

ethan and his biggest fan, AA.


separately, i helped run concessions all day.
this consisted of 7 1/2 hours of being in the sun.
with a big ole "U" sticker on my cheek.
{team spirit, dontcha know.}
look real hard at the pic below.
the iphone isn't as good of quality as, oh, let's say...

as if you were standing right next to me.

but can you see my schweet new tan line?
next time i might as well just go all out and put CANES on there.

talk about dedicated team pride. 

 besides the new "U" i have on my cheek i also have a nice little sunburn.

somehow i managed to grab 6 bottles of bug spray before heading out yesterday, yet i failed to grab a single bottle of sunscreen.

what's wrong with me?!?!
i'm flaking out!

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