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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Conservatory Overcoat GIVEAWAY!!!!

The Conservatory Overcoat GIVEAWAY!!!!

Ok, so LOVE this coat and they're giving it away for free... you could totally win this. AND YOU DESERVE TO! {and shhhh, so do i}

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i am a complainer. i know this. i vent. i seethe. i am human.

i contemplated this post for awhile. do i post it? do i suck it up? how much whining do i want to subject my world {"my world"} to... honestly?

i feel so helpless. i feel as if the weight of my entire world is on my shoulders. i get up, go to work, to a place i no longer love going to... come home to chaos {all wrapped up in the itty bitty body of a two year old}, and now... now? i am on the cusp of a ruptured disk in my neck. and my loving, adorable husband stops me the other night. stops me in my tracks, on my way to hit the bathroom before he splits for class and literally asks me... "are you ok? i mean, besides the extreme physical pain, are you ok?" why on earth would he think things are ok? and then, i wonder... is this the first time he's wondered if i'm ok? because, let's face it, i'm not. i'm not ok. but i've struggled worse than this before and just as before, i know i'll pull through this crappy and stressful time in my life. but i hate that i wear my feelings, my strain, my anxiety on my sleeve.

see. i'm sorry. i'm whining. i'm not looking for pity, but maybe, i'm just trying to explain why i'm not myself. and maybe i'm looking for someone to tell me it's ok to be miserable. because it really really sucks when people tell you that you should be happy and they hate seing you like this. just tell me it's ok to be miserable. it's my right. it won't last forever. i can deal with it.

work is effecting my life. my life is effecting my work. and while this is nothing unusual or strange, the fact that work kind of blows chunks these days and i've also got a raging two year old at home amplifies the everyday drama i'm used to.


my two year old can also be kind of funny.
like when she tells me she forgot to "give you some sugah today"...
and then kisses my lips, my nose, my eyes, my ears...
at which point i tell her how much i love her and how she makes me happy,
and at which point she then says "poop."

Sunday, February 8, 2009

luck of the draw

awesome springlike weather... mornings on the bike trail, afternoons on the playground, evenings grilling out.

i've been blessed. i've had my nephew and nieces here twice this weekend (and Sunday has just begun). i'm doubly blessed if you think about how much i love loving those kids.

my nephew {whom we all call "A-A"} is 3 weeks older than my little sophie. but he's also approximately 3 inches taller than her, too. but as much as he is NOT a baby, sometimes when he talks, he's just so dang cute because you totally can't understand anything except the first and last (and sometimes if you're lucky, third) word... because, don'tcha know, when you're 2 and you have a lot to say quickly, well... it just doesn't come out so well sometimes. but friday night he floored me. he said, "Hey, Erg-gica...jsadljflajdfljaldksfjalkdfjsaf, oKAY?!" now, who is to say the reason i didn't understand the middle part was because he's 2, but i'm pretty sure it was because he stopped me dead in my tracks by saying my name for the first time.

my name is not easy for any small child to say. erica. it's a doozy. but so is my sister's... andrea. in high school she and i played on the soccer team. when you cheer on your comrades, it's easier to give them short nicknames... she became "dre"... and my kids have called her that EASILY since there were a year old. so color me red when my almost-three-year-old nephew actually calls me by a name... my name. and he continued to do so all night long. and then all of yesterday. and as funny as it was to hear, i wish i got it on video because it was so daggone cute and meant a lot to me that he was requesting MY help, and not help from me because I just so happened to be standing there. even though that was probably the case.

this is dre with her girls, kaia and addison. when ethan was a year old he started calling her "mama dre," which i still {not-so-secretly-anymore} wish he called her.

this is addison. you know, the one i fell in love with last year.

my brood.

i may not have been lucky enough to have a name easy for 2 year olds to say... but i am lucky because of the people you see pictured above. they've made my life pretty freaking awesome.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

blog about my blog

ok, so i don't know why blogging feels so freeing to me. i mean, let's be honest, i have no audience, but at the same time, the entire WORLD is my audience. or could be my audience.

in college i had a journal. it was completely freeing. my journals are currently packed way down in the bottom of a box that is also full of college books, and i'm completely ok with that. after college was when blogging, social websites, and emails really took flight. man, that makes me feel really old saying that out loud. but because of those three things, typing took over. i have a hard time writing down a message without my hand feeling funny. how freakish is that? i know, i know. i'm pathetic. {but don't kid yourself because you know you're right there with me.}

i always chose to write in my journals rather than read a book. if i needed down time to get my mind straight and free it, i went right to my journal. my blog is my journal. granted, believe you me... the things i wrote in my journal would never have made it past the censors and onto my blog. i don't even know if there are censors, but if there were, i wouldn't get past them.
but i digress... i need this blog because of how it frees my mind sometimes. good, bad, whatever it is, i like to write down things. and i like to read them. because they are my stories. {does that make me wierd?}

and my hope? my hope is that one day my children will read stories about their mother, their mother's view, their mother's life, their mother's thoughts.... and that one day they can understand me better by reading how i felt when things happened. like, when i got to spend a day with my oldest daughter at her pre-school fall festival... how i felt the day i took away my two year old's crib... or when she got her pink potty... i don't want them to just hear the story from my lips 10 years from now, i want them to read it by my own hand right after it happened. because let's face it... 10 years from now i will probably be exactly like my mother was at my age... exaggerating and embelishing my stories a tiny bit. { i don't know. seems like it could happen.}

i know this blog is mostly a mommy blog. don't hold it against me. but I enjoy being a mom, even when I'm over it. {only a fellow mom can understand that logic.} in enjoying being a mom i want to share so much about my children, usually to anyone that wants to listen. so, i warn's coming. before all of these million Ethanisms, Emmaisms, and Sophieisms depart my momnesia-fied brain, i need to get this all out on paper. "paper." journal. "blog." same same.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

sophielicious is back

sometimes you can be in the worst mood and then you overhear something like this going on across the house... it's the Backyardigan's theme song {sophie's version}

{Kaia-boo and Aidan are her cousins that she conveniently mentions mid-way through... always name droppin'}

she is AWFULLY sophielicious.