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Saturday, June 5, 2010


the other night i was afforded the opportunity to hang out 
with this 4 year old at bedtime without the company of her
big brother and sister.
big brother was sent to bed early.
big sister was doing homework.

so i grabbed my camera and headed to her bed.

due to an unfortunate watermelon mishap the night before, she was using her bro's back-up sheets.
but they're flannel, so who could complain about that?!

this girl has some funny faces.
particularly the ones where she makes her asian eyes big.
and then that tongue, OH that tongue.
there's just something about this combination of features that makes me die from laughter.
especially when it's about 6 inches from my face.

not only is she good at funny faces, she's good at tooting on the spot.
this is her attempting to toot on her mom.
while it's not normally funny, what WAS funny was her reaction...

she was the funniest person she'd ever met that night.
talk about slap-happy.

she was hysterical.
she was so proud at her ability to produce stank on the spot.
and also her ability to make her mom gag.

but to make up for it she humored me by taking a picture with kai-lan.
she even made her eyes big to look just like her friend.

love it. 

this was the same night i called her "Miss Sassypants" only to be called "Old Lady Pants" in return.

her timing is impecable.
Happy Birthday to ME today!

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