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Sunday, November 15, 2009

my vision of beauty

attempt at christmas pictures

christmas pictures don't always go the way you plan.
so then you go with plan b.
have.  fun.

lazy sunday

to get up... or not get up... finally!  i get to ask that question.

it's 9:33am and i'm still lounging in bed.  it was my turn today.  i think chris stayed in bed yesterday until10:30am... and yesterday was a FAR worse morning to be the one to get up with the kids.  rain.  fighting.  whining... that's when you want to stay in that bed until it all goes away.

today the kids slept in a bit.  no fighting.  sun shining.  it just felt... different.  and the kids felt that difference.

but i sit here blogging for fear of showing my face out there.  once you do it, you can't go back in time.  it will feel good at first... i'm sure i'll hear three separate voices scream "Moooommmmyyyyyyy!" 

but then it will start...

"Emma didn't give me...."

"Ethan didn't let me...."

"Sophie is so meeeaaannnnn...."

And then, to prove my point further... Emma just walked into my room with a cloth babydoll that had just landed itself in a CANDLE and lit on FIRE!!  This is all crazy... why would i want to deal with that?

Because I need to make sure my house doesn't burn to the ground and Dad thought it was ok to leave them alone while he went outside while candles were lit on a table well in reach of my crazy THREE YEAR OLD! 

*note* When Emma came in to tell me about the baby doll she was laughing.  She tells me the entire story and I asked... "OMG did you FREAK OUT?!"  She stops laughing and breathing and says... "Heeeeeeeck YEAH!" Momma did too... peace out, Mr. Bed!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

lovely fall days

there is nothing funny about seventy-five degree fall days.  and there is nothing funnier about them falling on the first day we don't have football {or plans in general} on a weekend day.

there is something magically lovely about said seventy-five degree fall days.

coffee on the back deck.

kids tromping through leaves.

energy to actually cook and bake (on the same day).

it makes me love my life.  i love watching my girls play with their toys on the back deck.  i love drawing with chalk on the driveway.  i love keeping the doors to my house wide open.  music jamming.  football blaring.


oneness as a family, again.  doing..................... nothing.

it used to bore me.  now it spoils me. 

Saturday, November 7, 2009

yay for football ending... i think. on second thought...

football season is over.  i feel so happy to have major control back over my time 4 days a week.  it's completely liberating to say we're done. 

but i'm sad.

{don't think i'm a freak.}

i've never been on a team where it's felt very much like family... as far as the sidelines go.  it's been so nice to get to know this particular set of parents.  i'm not saying i know them all, but i wouldn't mind knowing them all, and that's kind of amazing {especially for those that know me} -- i'm sad i won't be forced to sit in the same small area 6-8 hours a week chatting about our lives {and occasional dissatisfaction that football consumes 6-8 hours a week}.  great people on the sidelines with me.  it made it all a bit easier.

so to separate for the first time since july seems a bit... confusing for me.  how do i keep them all in our lives somehow?! 

{i'm a freak.  i know.}

i may not have liked the coaches, or the way they coached, but i did love the parents.  and the kids.  it was fun being a fan.

on a separate note... we asked my dad to move out of our house a couple of months ago.  {this has all been awful}.  he decided to find a place to go to, and in the mean time has been staying at his ex-wife's house so that he can steer clear of me.  so, how odd for me to come home from a day of football to find all of my date-night leftovers , which i had been eagerly anticipating having for dinner tonight, were no longer in my refrigerator.  who, oh who, could have taken my food? 

i.   love.   food. 
especially food that i have bought, paid to have served to me, and even left a tip for.

thank G this nightmare is coming to an end.  you try to help someone live a good life and...

they steal your leftovers.

{i only mention this part of my day since it literally just happened.  right as i type away.  sorry that it now means my blog doesn't really flow today.}

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

5 fifths equal a wholelottaHamako

we're back.  i hope.

all five of us hamakos back in fighting strength.

halloween was... different.  but it made for a nice night with the kids.  ethan was not in any shape to be venturing out in the rain grabbing candy from people, but he was in shape to stand on the front porch and dance to monster mash for five... or seven times.  the girls had very little interest in venturing down the street with chris so after 4 houses they were back.  people watching is much more their thing.  obviously.  they love. to. stare.  but they loved to see all the kids in their costumes come beg me for candy... and they loved {even more} when i would turn away kids that weren't dressed up.  i think they admire the confidence it takes to do that to someone.  {which i think is a good thing for them to witness and learn in this case}

fooling ghouls

with ethan feeling somewhat better we grabbed the lion by the horns {inside joke} and jumped at the opportunity to travel south by 3 hours to visit with my little brother.  uncle cliffy flies jets.  he's sort of a big deal in our world.  he deploys {again} right after christmas.  it makes me very very sad and i try to take every opportunity to spend whatever time i can with him, even when i'm exhausted and it's pouring down rain.  we make things happen.

ethan salutes his mama... and i eat him up inside.

 uncle cliffy with his favorite minis...
they are just the perfect amount of birth control for him.
each and every time.

little emma with her uncle cliffy.  she has always been extremely shy which makes me even more confused as to why she is always all over her uncles.  shyness gone.

play. with. me.
hang me upside down.
spin me in circles.
put me on your shoulders.
melt. my. heart.

they don't get to see him often, so when they do, i love that they love him.
they may get bigger, but they always remain those little people in your heart.
that's why he's cliffy.