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Saturday, March 5, 2011


it's that time of year.
the time i start thinking of party themes.

sophie will be five in just under two months.

last year we threw an amazing kai-lan themed birthday party.  i didn't get hardly any pictures of it because it was a madhouse keeping everything moving along while i dealt with a shy/scared/dramatic four year old that didn't want to be around anyone.  it was a doozy.

i had the honor of passing along all of my party details to my friend for her daughter's birthday in july this year, and am so excited to be able to help her put it all together.  what's not to love about a Chinese themed party?

it left me wondering what i was going to do for sophie's birthday this year.  with the older two children uninterested in big parties (they opt for slumber parties with friends now), i get one shot a year to exert my creativity and plan something awesome.

actually, last year was really the only year i got super crafty with my party.  it breaks my heart that i didn't get my creative photo shots i wanted to make sure i got. total fail on my part.

so color me giddy when i ran across One Charming Party's entry this morning with an Ice Cream themed party being showcased.  what's twice as nice?  the fact that she has posted free printables.  aaaaaaand even an ice cream hat tutorial.

this allows so much flexibility - the colors are great, it's not based on a disney character (cha-ching!), and i really could do this in the middle of the afternoon and NOT have to provide a meal.  

did you SEE those party favors?  i'm dying.  DYING from the anticipation of it all!

best of all...
polka dots are a perfect addition.
i.     love.     polka dots.

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