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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

happy day

this is emma.
she is four and a half.

it's not often i get to spend one on one time with my chillens. i don't really count scrubbing their lil bodies in the tub or their teeth at the sink as real quality time. so when i get an opportunity...a R-E-A-L opportunity, i take it.

fall festival.

emma paige. isn't she a doll?

man, if only we weren't strapped on time, it would've been picture perfect. as a middle child i KNOW what it's like to be forgotten. or i know what it feels like to seem forgotten. i'm trying so hard not to let that happen with my 4 year old. it doesn't help that she naturally was born with a middle child's personality, even though when she was born, she was obviously not the middle child. boy do i love her. and boy do we butt heads. do you know she is more like me than we'll ever fully realize? that scares me. because when two people are so alike in very strong and independent ways, it can be awful frightening at times. but i digress, because this is about our happy day. and it was happy.

we went with her friend noah. noah is awfully handsome. he just doesn't know it yet. he's a bit of a shy guy, of sorts.

noah. awfully cute, right?

whatever she wanted to do, she didn't have to ask for. if she wanted to play on the hay for the entire time, that was A-ok by me. if she didn't want to go to the haunted house, fine. more time to watch her laugh. if she wanted cotton candy, cookies, and candy corn...have at it. it was her day and BOY did she feel it. that made for happiness all around.

oh happy day. i love a happy ending.

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