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Saturday, July 24, 2010

leaving on a jet plane.

it's no secret that me and my man spend a lot of time together.  as in... neither of us travel separately, thus leaving the other at home with the little devils kids. we're together every. single. day.

forty-eight days ago my hubby's grandmother passed away.  i think she was something amazing like ninety-two years old.  she was Buddhist.  in whatever sect of Buddhism she was, there are many prayer ceremonies after a person passes away.  it is my man's job to go out to california and represent the family at the final prayer service.  i'm nervous sad for him.  he has a lot to live up to.  i mean, both of his sisters went out for one of the first services and funeral -- they did the most awesomest of jobs representing our east coast family.  

i guess the good news is that my man doesn't really think far into the future on things, and thus, won't be worrying about his speech until five minutes before he has to give it.  i, on the other hand, have been sick about it for days.

so with all that said, i'll be single-momming it for a few days.  it's so weird.  i know many of you do it for months/years at a time.  i never said i envied you, which is also why this is all so weird for me.

tonight is night 1.  he went to stay with his parents so he has an easier time tomorrow morning - his flight is at something ridiculous like 7am.  he was nice enough to take the girls for a sleepover.  someone will bring them back to me sometime tomorrow.  

why am i not there, you ask?

remember this story?  particularly the part where i was sick?  yeah.  now ethan has it.  as my father-in-law starts up his first round of chemo on monday, we just don't want to be the reason why he can't start it on monday.  volcano stomachs and head colds are the devil.  we will camp in my girls room tonight, play parcheesi, and laugh ourselves to sleep.  all within an awesome distance to our bathroom.


separately, i've made a pact with my  man.  no more internet at night until the kids go to bed.  it's consuming our lives and completely unfair to our kids.  i'm hoping this helps me feel like a better mom because, honestly, this volcano stomach has made me the most unhappy person i've met in years.  


in an attempt to be more active, we took the kids an hour away to pick some berries.  it was berry hot.  107 degrees.  holy schnikes. 

beautiful background for lunch...
until the girl next to us spewed her hamburger all over the place.
check please!

my poor little emma was berry sick of the heat.
i didn't blame her.
but i mean... seriously, em?
you couldn't finish one scoop of ice cream?
i thought i raised you better than to leave an ice cream cup... with ice cream in it.

he was so excited for this quarter.
it was his ticket to feeding the goats....

in typical ethan fashion, he let all of the corn fall straight to the ground.
he is almost eight.
still can't master the candy machine.

as i sit here stuffing my face with blackberries i want to say...

you had so much to offer.
we will be back for the fall raspberries.

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