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Thursday, July 22, 2010


sometimes if you want a little peace in your life, you need to get less peaceful to make it happen.

confronting issues head-on clears the air for a better future.  communication is key to great relationships.  you don't necessarily have to like each other, but being able to respect each other enough to not HATE each other is important ... particularly in a workplace.  as adults, i just don't think we should hate people.

so, i did this today.  i was dreading it.  but i did and it was successful and now... maybe i can have better days?  

i hope so.  i'm so sick of hating work and bureaucracy and inefficient workmanship and ... i could seriously go on and on.  instead i will say one thing...

i got less peaceful today and feel much more at peace because of it.

confrontation isn't always a bad thing.  in fact, i'm kinda proud of it tonight.

go me.

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