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Sunday, July 25, 2010

in exchange...

my man flew out this morning.  i know it's only for a few days, but please.... in ten years this has only happened two other times.  it feels totally wacked.  especially because being a single parent makes me realize how much i don't really know my kids.  off the top of my head i still have no idea which one of them prefers their nuggets with ketchup while the other two only use bbq sauce.  i'm a horrible working mother, i know.

but as he sets sail this morning i am comforted by the news that my little brother is flying back as we speak {from deployment} and will be scooping my favorite northwestern SIL into his arms tomorrow.  i am crying just thinking about the beauty of that.  GEEZ!  somebody stop me.

my son doesn't understand why this all fills me with so many tears.  at least the part about my little brother.  i guess i can see that from the seven-year old standpoint of .. "my sisters drive me crazy and i just want them to go away so they leave my stuff ALONE!"  i know one day he'll understand, but in the meantime, he just has to deal with the love and pride that is overcoming me today.  he is a man that is all about living and following dreams.  massive ones.  it's unreal and something i want my kids to learn from him.  even though he lives clear across the country, my kids scream his name into the sky any time they see a jet in the air.  i love it.  they, too, are so proud of him.

this is on ethan's 1st birthday (2003).
cliffy was able to stop by that morning for a visit before heading back to USNA.
i kinda think he loved this kid.

this was last November (2009).
he was in town before a work-up.
a three hour trip each way.
a few hours to see him.
fourteen of us helped him shop at the NEX just to spend some extra time with him.
from the look on e's face, i think you can tell it was worth it.
he loves his uncle.

last year's reunion.
i love them and am so excited for another one of these happy pictures.

Come home safely, Cliffy!

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