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Thursday, June 30, 2011


i have been so neglectful of you, haven't i?

shhhhhhh.... no need to say it out loud.

i feel enough guilt on the inside that hearing it on the outside might just make me crumble.

do you know why i have such guilt?  i have slowed my roll on the fitness trail of glory because  i have sped up my roll on the sports-mama trail of glory.  non-stop kiddie activities, and yet i haven't been able to fit YOU, my beautiful awesome readers, back into my daily/weekly schedule.

while it's been a nice breather, my waistline is feeling the difference and i miss your virtual faces more than you can possibly imagine.

i would love to sit here and tell you about all the awesome new blogs i have found, designs i have landed upon, steals and deals i am dying to share, but in all honesty, i haven't had a chance to check out much on this glorious-seemingly-never-ending world wide web.  i have been in a bubble.  a sports and words-with-friends bubble.  living life as it's meant to be lived at that time.  i mean, i firmly believe it was a decision made by higher peeps that my life was as it was over the last two months. 



tuesday we were blessed with a single-day visit from my little brother.
i love that little guy.
i mean...
grown adult.

so glad we were able to spend the day together.
he so totally rocks.

wish him luck on his 3-months in italy.
wish me luck on not being too jealous of his 3-months in italy.

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