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Thursday, June 30, 2011

before i forget...

ah yes, alas there was one thing i earmarked for my return.
is it fully debut-on-my-two-month-return-worthy?

i don't know.
but it is awfully cute and easy.

i am a fan of canvas art.
particularly do-it-yourself-canvas-art.

so riddle myself in AWE when i didn't think of this before:

yes, yes, this website totally rules.
so many amazing transformations and projects to melt into.

it's just awesome.

over the last two months it is the ONLY blog i found that captured my attention.

nevermind it may have been because it was the only one i had time to delve into and enjoy.

and i suggest you run over there and enjoy it too!
(the post about their trip to the NJ shore includes pics of the house they stayed in, recently built by their friends.  i absolutely love, love, love that house!)

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  1. Hey! thanks for the comment on my blog! I love this series of photos. It was a super fun wedding :) hahaha. prairie, but awesome! Why is it August and your last post was June 30? get on that will ya? :) LOVE that header photo.....asians are soo photogenic!!! did you see my Korean friend on my blog? GORGEOUS!!!! you guys.......