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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

one month.

tomorrow marks one month since my last entry.  it honestly feels like it was just yesterday.  life is moving at the speed of light.  i'm keeping up this time, but just not on here.  my head is above water in my real world.  my blog world, however, suffers.

i love putting pen to paper and jotting down happenings, thoughts, and findings... but lately it hasn't felt like a priority.  here's why...

i have given up late night blogging in exchange for 5:00am wake-up calls at the gym.  and it sucks just as much as it sounds like it does.  i totally swing the gym better in the evenings.... just like everyone else and their mother.  at 5pm working out becomes more frustrating than i need it to be, especially since i'm still trying to ingrain physical fitness into my core being.  that truly is my biggest challenge.  so to alleviate this challenge as best i can, i'm working out before the sun comes up.  it makes it all so much better and so much faster.  BOOYAH!

the best part of all of this robbing-paul-to-pay-peter-ish-type-of-thing-in-my-life, is that i don't have an ounce of blog guilt.  it has been worth the swap out... and yes, my pants are definitely starting to fit better.  it's pretty stinking awesome.


you know what else is awesome?  that i went to the grocery store, checked out with a bill of $140, and only paid about $68 after all my savings/coupons.  anyone else doing the extreme couponing?  it's totally thrilling, exhilarating, rewarding, and a LOT of work!  totally worth every bead of sweat i put into sorting through coupons and doing price matching and list making.  but i'm not going to lie... these peeps make it muuuuuuch easier:

... and i could go on and on and on.  they're everywhere!

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