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Monday, May 9, 2011

oh my word(s)

Words have meaning. They can cut like a knife or make your heart all a-flutter. They have purpose and explain a lot about people. But like toothpaste, once it's out of the tube you can't put it back. Not easily, anyway.

Two years ago when I was going through very troublesome times at work, I found out just how much power certain words carry. Discrimination. Harrassment. Disgusting.

I make a point to teach my children good communication skills. Don't call something stupid - tell me what the problem is. There are many, many words that just aren't allowed in our house, mainly because I want my kids to choose the right words. Not the easy-to-reach words.

Just as I have worked with my children on their communication skills, I have also worked on the communication skills between my husband and I. We learned a lot though couple's counseling, but it has been over two years since we last went and it takes practice to keep up those good skills.

Saturday I watched my husband receive the fruit of his on-again-off-again-collegiate-schooling that started over twenty-three years ago. He received his BLS in History and it was a moment I will never forget in all my life. My children couldn't have been prouder. And neither could I. Upon finding us after graduation my man rolled me up into a tight squeeze and whispered the following: "I love you. Thank you. I will never forget this - never. Thank you so much."

It was perfect and spoke volumes. Never over these past two and a half years did I feel I needed acknowledgment for my support, however when he said those words to me, it felt unbelievable. He loves me.
He appreciates me. We did this together. It was an unbelievable realization that we met our goal. We made it to not just A goal, but a MAJOR goal in our entire family's life. God, it felt good. And I turned into a puddle. The emotions overcame me and I broke into tears. I love this man. I am proud of this man. I am so blessed to share a life with him.

University of Mary Washington
Class of 2011
100th Graduation Commencement

See that little Flip in Ethan's hand?
You should see the video on it.
It is apparent that my little man was cheering on his daddy.
{The video was all over the place!} 

My sister was able to hand him his diploma.
This was the first time I started to lose my ability to stay calm.
Her co-worker was gracious enough to take pics from this vantage point.
I love it.

Now this is where I really lost it.
And where my sister lost it.
And where my mother-in-law lost it....

... and where Ethan lost it.
He was so proud of his dad.
I couldn't recover from this.
My son is sensitive, but he not only cries from joy, he can communicate his joy in words.
I was doubley-proud.

Five hours in the sun later, and about five minutes of hard crying, I looked like this.
Not the best, but I couldn't care less.
It was a great day.
A proud day.
And I'm so glad to have a picture of all of us together.

I tell my kids that they need to live a proud life. 
My husband is living by example.
Lead by leading.

This is just the end of the beginning.
We still have another nine months of working through the next phase.
Regardless of that, this was a monumental day.
It was the day my husband felt he had completed something.

He taught my children more than he realizes by getting his degree.  I am so grateful they are old enough to understand the pomp and circumstance of what they witnessed that day.

I just hope it sticks for another ten or so years!

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  1. *tear* it was a great day. I'll never forget it either!