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Monday, August 15, 2011

summery love

yesterday i sat at work and noticed a huge preying mantis on my window.

he stayed there for 9 hours.
how is that fun?
how is that safe?
don't you get hungry?

it really made me wonder what these guys do for fun.
how do you live without fun?

i can't.


is summer as busy in your neck of the woods as it is in mine?
because it is doggone ridiculous how little i time i have these days.

but catch this....

i have seriously been loving life.
and truly been out enjoying it.

life is so, so good.
for instance... the summer tomatoes around here have been top notch.
(and so have all the 'lopes!)

time out in the sun has been enjoyable, not just for the kids, but for me, too.
when's the last time that happened?  i mean, i actually caught a good tan this year.

five nights a week of football has been fun for all of us.
usually it doesn't take long for my kids to burn out.
but this year everyone finds something to enjoy about it.

life is good and plentiful.  so plentiful that i can't take a minute to jot down my thoughts, funny things, or entries about events in our lives.  it's just been that busy.  but isn't that a good thing?  because while i kind of love the concept of being able to hang out by myself on the outside of a window for nine hours, i truly can't imagine myself doing it.  i have figured out that i forget how to live a stagnant lifestyle. 

happy august, ya'll!  time sure does fly.

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