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Saturday, April 2, 2011

party plannin' mommacitas

you know i'm a sucker for a good party.  over time "good party" has evolved from "having lots of alcohol, cool people, and music" to "crafty, beautiful, and creative.amazing what a decade'll do to ya!

Circle of Moms is currently running a contest to find the top 25 party plannin' blogs - who is your favorite?

i have featured several of these blogs on here throughout the years, and i have to say... it's not going to be easy!  the beauty of landing myself on One Charming Party's page this morning was not only that it linked me over to CoM, but that now i have been introduced to several other amazing party plannin' sites.

i love it!

{there must be close to fifty nifty blogs in the running.}

so if you have some time today, go find yourself some new party awesomeness!  show these blogs some love and pop in for a visit.  also, be sure to VOTE over at Circle of Moms!

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