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Friday, April 1, 2011

an itch.

i have this itch.  this crazy, crazy itch.  i just can't stop from thinking about denese's yellow paint job.

it created an itch inside of me.  you see, i have this table.  a dining room table.  it's pine -- soft, yucky pine.  i used to think about staining it and coating it with poly, but never wanted to risk it.  why?  i have no idea.  it couldn't get any worse.  i mean, it was good looking but totally not practical for a mom with three chillens.  because of all the creases in it, coupled with the softness of the wood, we added a glass top to the table.  but... it's glass.  and i have three kids.  you know how that goes.

but after seeing that table... and then seeing these chairs {thank you HM}, i am feeling uber-itchy. {personal problem, i know}.  i am also feeling uber-risky.

i am a fan of color.  color everywhere.  it's just awesome.  i mean i love white too, but it has to be the right white.  anna maria horner knows what i'm talking about.  her upstairs remod is going to be off-the-hook-fantastic.  but if it's not the right space with the right white, i'm all about COLOR.

so here's the deal... i'll keep ya posted.  no guarantees but....... wouldn't it be fun?  kinda like when i blogged about this couch.  hmmmmmmmmmmmm....

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