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Monday, April 18, 2011

living like i was on t.v.

somedays it's a cosby show kinda day.
somedays it's more like the office. or seinfeld.
sometimes it's like fresh prince
{even if only because you like to rap the song.}

{and maybe do the carlton dance.}

is there anything wrong with having theme days in the office?  about seriously getting up and rapping like you were will smith while DOING the carlton?

i love a good day at the office.  i mean, i luuuuuuuurve it.

did you ever see the episode of the office that included the "finer things club?"  i so want a finer things club in my office.  we took a poll and there are a good five of us that would be willing to sit and play CLUE during our lunch hour.


but i want costumes.  and accents.  and the perfect lighting.


probably not.  but if i can get up in front of my coworkers and do the ELAINE while completely sober, i guess nothing is impossible.

these good days are long overdue.  remember when they sucked everyday all day?  if performing like a monkey and laughing hysterically can create a setting in the workplace that brings people together, then by golly ima do itima be, ima be, ima ima ima be a fool.  for workplace happiness.  my own little sacrifice for my personal universe.  not martyrdom, just sheer entertainment for the masses.


  1. Giiiiiiiiirl, glad you had a great day at work, but it's the CARLTON!

  2. giiiiiiiiirl, i totally wrote CARLTON in my google window -- i have no idea why i put carlson in here. it was probably because i had ethan dancing the carlton while i was typing and i was a bit distracted. :)