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Thursday, April 29, 2010

so mod.

i love modcloth.
it's reminiscent of anthropologie.

and i love that look.
that feel.
it's just so womanly.

now, as unrealistic as it is for me to come to work dressed like a 1950's homemaker... or slightly hippy-ish,
it doesn't mean i can't love it!

modcloth is a cheaper version of anthro.
and maybe not as grown-up.
but i like it.

and speaking of like...

check out Design Sponge today.
run.  don't walk.  because it's awesome.

you want to talk about a bright yellow sofa makeover from shana and john at junk2funk?


they took this:

and made it into this:


love it.
and i have to say... i've had my eye on a couch similar to this at a local auction house for a few weeks now.
am i capable?
should i go?

they have auctions every saturday at 6pm.

me likey very much.


  1. DO IT!!!! LOVE the transformation. Your artsy...I say go ahead. btw, I can hardly read your blog's's small and crooked for some reason...maybe that is just my screen. Anyway, LOVE the pics of the kiddies. SOOO stinking cute. You asians and your cute kids. dang!

  2. Thanks Kel... I've never had a problem like that when accessing it from anywhere else, but for you, I will upgrade the size of my font. But as for the crookedness of it all... um, yeah, i don't know what. If you promise to keep visiting I promise to research the issue on google for you. :) Asian love!