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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sunny without luke warm showers.

home on a lunch break.  what a novel concept.  {and wonderful day to do so}.  only problem is that i am loathing the time when i have to return to the office.  it's 65 degrees today and sunny.  it is heavenly.

i came home today to meet a contractor that is attempting to fix my shower.  for five weeks i have been showering in the kids' bathroom.  for some reason that shower doesn't get above luke warm.  the bath does, but.... ew.  baths in little bath tubs are not my thing.  do you know what luke warm showers in the morning do to you?  they make you cold.  i hate being cold when i get out of the shower in the mornings.  i prefer being practically sweaty.  i mean seriously.  i want to cool DOWN after a shower, not have to warm up.

cross your fingers for me --- i'm heading back to work and my friend Jer is going to continue his heroic attempts at getting me back into MY shower.  he also said he'd fix the temp prob on the kids' shower.  i mean, he knows i'd still like to prevent SCALDING my children- but totally knows the importance of taking a great quality shower.  *phew*

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