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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

schnikes. shower schnikes.

oh muggles.  i'm screwed.  my friend jer returned today to try one last {un}magical thing with my shower.  total fail.  *ugh*

the good news is that my friend jer is going to be sending me an email soon with a cost estimate on totally removing my shower and replacing it with a tiled stall.  and honestly, i'm totally being a smartass with my introductory tone of this paragraph.  sweet baby j.  this will be a lot more money than the quick-fix i was hoping for.   in the end, i know i'll be happy with the result, but to get there... we're taking money... more than i was hoping to spend on fixing this janky old shower.

but such is life, no?  we go with the flow because otherwise i fear internal combustion.  not worth it.  see?  that was me growing.  learning to not worry, not to stress over things that i cannot control.  it's called... LIFE.  kind of like the outfit sophie wore to school the other day.  i get to not care that she has mixed up patterns on and she gets to exert her inner design diva.  it's a total win-win.  i'm not saying she can get away with wearing a tube top and booty shorts, but if the girl loves her some striped leggings with a plaid skirt, who am i to say it is a horrible look?  she works it so confidently.  i can't diss on that!

my name is erica and i am relinquishing ridiculous over-the-top constraints on my children.  it's unbelievably liberating and mornings are way less chaotic.  if sophie can work a crazy ass outfit into something that builds her self-esteem, MORE POWER TO HER!

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