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Monday, March 21, 2011

biz-zay bee.

busy times around here.  not only is ethan playing on a flag team, but chris is coaching both his AND another team.  we had to split the tackle team into 2 teams for flag.  we get to see both teams and try to make the tiny mite games whenever we can which is fantastic.  bottom line, it makes for a busy schedule.  twenty five minute drive there.  thirty minutes of warm-ups. forty minutes of game time.  three times this weekend.  but we're totally diggin life.  {so much so that i spent 4 hours compiling a fancy football video highlight real for this week's game and then another 3 physically watching it upload to facebook so that my computer didn't time out on it.}

in between all the sports i've also been busy prepping for sophie's party that's taking place in six weeks.  the weather has been great which has helped my motivation.  i finally reupholstered our dining room bench.  while it's not impermeable to liquid this time around {last time i used a very cool pottery barn shower curtain -- totally rocked my socks off until some little fingers managed to dig a hole into the middle of the bench and then picked to their hearts content} it is much less of an eye sore for chris.  i mean, his opinion counts.  sometimesi threw him a bone, what more do you want from me???

i also was busy putting together some colorful beaded bracelets with special charms to go into the party favor "bags."  i love them - LOVE them - but i had no idea it would take me 4 hours to complete 14 bracelets.  i mean, i totally put a knot between each bead {because you know what it's like to have one of those suckers explode all over the place and i soooooo wasn't going to leave my fellow mommas hanging} - and i think that made a huge difference in my timeline.  call me crazy.


beyond that i did a lot of avoiding.  avoiding grocery shopping.  avoiding weeding.  avoiding laundry.  avoiding starting that exercise regime.  but somehow the kids had full bellies all weekend long...  and let's face it, that is the most important thing i listed so somehow i pulled off some life-saving sustaining measures in there, too.

this will be another incredibly busy week where i'm virtually a single mom in the evenings.  my man is finishing his first draft of his senior thesis - i feel for him.  i really do.  thirty pages.  considering the most i've written in the last ten years consists of infrequent blog entries and daily emails - i would totally not be able to swing college all over again.  i mean of course i could, but really, i would completely loathe life.  props to my man for figuring this jank out and making things happen!

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