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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i can't figure her out.

my four year old is a piece of work.
i just can't figure her out.

for instance, one minute she likes her cereal with milk.
the next?

the drama.

so color me nervous the other day when i offered to take a friend's four year old for the night.

i'm just going to start by saying this...
anytime sophie would hear izzy's name, she would always ask why i was talking about her.

anytime i would say that izzy was coming over, sophie would gasp with shock and say, "WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO?"

sophie was an anti-izzite.

poor izzy.

but not so poor izzy because that girl is also miss diva.
like sophie.
which is why i was so nervous.

did i mention i was nervous?
worried for days about how the girls would get along?
and, starting that night out, i was right to be so nervous.

we were eating tacos.
tacos break, right?
like, when you bite into one it HAS TO BREAK.
you cannot swallow a taco whole.
{or can you?}
to a self-conscious 4 year old that doesn't happen.


when sophie bit into the taco and it broke, our guest of honor let out a large belly laugh sending my self-conscious 4 year old through the mother freaking roof.  that large belly laugh was hysterical to hear and sent the two big kids and their mama {errrrr, that would be me} into outward laughter.

color sophie even angrier.

i took off with sophie over my shoulder.

the screams just got louder.
more full of extreme shrill cries of hysteria.
it was gawd-awful.

it took a good twenty minutes of sophie screaming in her room over her embarrassment, but eventually she came back out and was able to finish dinner sans the other kids.

{thank heavens}

after dinner, i thought about my next move.
it took about a nano-second before i honed in on my Glee Justin Bieber playlist.

oh yeah baby.
that's right.

do you know what happened next?

Bieber fever.

these girls are self-declared best friends forever {even IF sophie couldn't remember izzy's name this morning} and are sleeping over at izzy's this weekend.

i owe it all to a boy named justin.

i was scared, but you made it ok.  you made everything ok.
and you didn't even step foot in the house to experience the hysteria.
you are amazing and i thank you.

the damn boy performed miracles.
i am erica and i am a belieber.

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