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Sunday, December 5, 2010


two entries ago...
i used the word 'ganache."
i felt so fancy.

today i use the word 'panache."
i feel fancy yet again.
i have a panache for fancy words when drinking coffee.

my girls have a certain panache...
when it comes to headwear.
not hats.
just headbands.

and i love it.

two of their current favorites are from

they are beauts, let me tell ya.
 there are constant fights over them.
it's ridiculous.

but because of their panache for awesome headbands, i always am on the hunt for some awesome ones.


... are totally rocking my world right now.

and of course, there's the always amazing

unfortch... EMERSONMADE beauts are just a tad outside of my budget.
beautiful, nonetheless.
and always fashionable.

and my newest craze...

Gracylu's work is amazing.
she's worked with some of my favorite designers and photographers and is simply...
A M A Z I N G.

of course, it doesn't hurt to find them all on facebook and "like" them, too:

(they aren't on FB YET, but here's their blog!)

i share because i care.

they are fabulous designers with a panache for awesomeness.
check 'em out!

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