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Thursday, December 9, 2010


this freaking doggy door is going to be the death of me AND my electric bill.

i know, what am i complaining for?  we've had it for years!  why am i still annoyed by it?

because my ass is cold.  a freaking sheet of ice.  it's totally like Antarctica up on that thing {my ass}.  it's neither pleasant to wear around nor be near.  i radiate icy temperatures around my hiz-ouse.  

my addiction {the puter} is straight across from the doggy door.  my back faces it and thus suffers every single day while i surf the net.  my butt suffers.  I SUFFER.  

so, i had no choice.

i closed the effer.  i put the panel in the doggy door and am crossing my fingers that my old, invalid pup can make it through the night without wetting or dirtying himself.  it's been closed for approximately 5 minutes and this place already feels like the tropics.  it's unreal.  especially since..... our electric bill was DOUBLE last month.  i know...... I KNOW....... it was due to this doggy door.  the temps around virginia have bottomed out and been super horribly shivery cold this last month.   normally i don't see a bill like this until january, and even then it's only because of our christmas lights.  but this year, i cut that jank down.  we only have them on for about 3 hours a night, and i literally said "screw the neighbors!  i need them on for when i get home, but once i'm inside, i could care less if they're on!"  

that's budget mentality at it's best.  

well, i suppose the best would be to NOT have the lights on.


in any case, wish me luck.  i may be opening that damn door back up tomorrow if my rage over cleaning up fecal matter overcomes my rage towards the electric bill.  i sure hope it doesn't, but... if i step in that $h*t like i've done before.... you can't put a price on that jank.  doggy door OPEN!

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