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Saturday, December 4, 2010

holly jolly.

i come from a small town.
scratch that.
it's crazy big, yet small in fundamentals.

we're south of washington d.c. in a county that many, MANY commuters live in.
it's pretty stinkin' big.

but the traditions are totally small town.

today was our annual christmas parade.
we had the perfect location...
the curb outside my mom's store.

it's good stuff, i tell ya.

here is a visualization of our day...

all lined up and ready for this jank to start...

aidan and ethan.
ethan is aidan's best friend... and cousin.
they are 4 years apart.

emma with her daddy (aka my  man).
if any of you will volunteer to come to my house and yank out her front tooth "unannounced" ...
i will seriously pay you $10.

oh yes. yes that's right.
two of santa's elves.
right there behind us.
aren't they adorable?
and they're oh-so-nice.

somehow i just don't think this is safe.
you're driving a trailer load of kids on a christmas float...
full face mask.

i'm totally not into Narnia, but i know a lot of you are.
this was a decent float put on by the movie theater (i think).
my little Aidan loooooooves some dragons...

this is Aidan saying "WHOAAAAA!"

this is Aidan saying, "don't breathe fire on me!!!  AAGGHHHHH!"

i saw this very guy on the road last month.
the car part was all grey.
it hadn't yet been painted.
i think he did a damn fine job!
i know a lot of Harley riders were probably cursing this guy...
but i'm sorry... this HAS to be a fun ride.

this boy is just too much.
i loved the shot and had to post.
he's totally edible.

the boys tried to climb this light post.
as those of you that know Ethan...
he couldn't get 2 inches up that thing.
he's physically l.d.
and i can say that because i'd give my life for this kid.

soso was in and out of the store all afternoon.
if there was someone in costume, she was gone.
in fact her exact words were...
"Sophie's Out!"

daddy showing her that santa was about to make the turn around the bend.
she couldn't believe it.

oh... sweet, sweet, SWEET litte addi...
she totally made out with this pole.
i don't know what gets into kids sometimes,
but when they want to taste something,

she then fell off the little cement step around the pole,
knocked her head into it,
and proceeded to scream bloody murder.
with a knot on her forehead, i might add.
poor, poor, POOR little addi!

oh he TOTALLY made it on time.

i don't know why people don't take the opportunity to visit with santa after the parade, but thank G they don't.  it's free and the line was super short.

my girls are STILL deathly afraid of being near santa.
but can you blame them?
some stranger that wants them to sit on his lap and whisper sweet nothings wishes into his ear?

totally bizzare.
and totally something i want them to believe in forever.
i'm so conflicted.

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