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Friday, December 3, 2010


it is so hard to blog,
when i'm mad at my man.

i start to feel all guilty for writing ANYTHING on paper,
when i'm having trouble putting words together for my spouse.
i get that blog guilt.

because of this,
i recently have lacked any sort of blogability.
don't hold it against me.
i'm in one of those freaking funks.

my back and neck are all off track.
{when you hate taking naps, you know there's something wrong.}
it's christmas time and there is so much to do.
{although black friday was off the chain!}
we had my sweet emma's birthday CELEBRATIONS.
and i've been in charge at work.

usually this blog is what keeps me grounded and a tad bit sane,
but lately it's just provided me with guilt.
mommy guilt.
wife guilt.
worker guilt.
yadda yadda guilt.
so to add to all this guilt,
here's some more.

it's called "too much chocolate cake."
emma's special request on her birthday.

chocolate devil's food cake.
chocolate pudding.
chocolate chips.
chocolate ganache.

 chocolate GUILT!

but here's a third of my pride and joy...
she's so beautiful.
and a model citizen.
and now she's seven.
and losing her top two teeth.
and all SORTS of grown up.

you.  are.  perfect.

yo' momma.

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