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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


you are so totally awesome.

i am so totally overwhelmed.

{and thus, lack any sort of real blogability.}

christmas is a busy time for everyone.  lots of working, lots of shopping, lots of baking, lots of stress.  with the doggy door closed while we're home, there is also lots of getting up and down to let Buddy out.  and even though old, invalid Jiggah has peed three times today on my kitchen floor {meaning my man has stepped in his pee three times today} we are committed to this closed-doggy-door-way-o-livin.  it's so much better up in this joint.  like a sauna.  only not so humid.

i've been counting down the days until christmas every single day.  i am so out of sorts that while i say "there are only eleven days until christmas," i have a hard time realizing that means IT IS NEXT WEEK. 

holy schnikes, mother of Jesus.  how did this not sink in sooner?


so, we got our big Blue Lily canvas in...
it's big.
it's beautiful.
it's going to require me to paint my walls a new color.

but here it is!

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