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Monday, August 9, 2010

because i love you...

i will let you see these:
{and really, it pains me to do so -- but if i'm an ass, i still should share that, right?  because i did it to the kids at some point.  and this is my fair payback.} 

 {and if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you rightfully laugh at? and so... i share... *gulp*}





for real.
they said i didn't hurt the pony.
i took their word.
only because before actually getting on this little pony, i flipped myself right off her back.  hence picture #2.

i made sure to hurt myself first so i was guilt free once i got on that pony.  

{only, it wasn't planned}

picture #2 was seriously as i was flipping my body all the way from the pony's left side up and over to her right and then to her feet.  as i went over her right side i did an awesome 180 flip and then a perfect tuck and roll.

it was so perfect that i somehow got up and had grass in my underwear.
i know.
but totally ninja-like.
even if i had grass on my bum.

#3 is when kristina decided to do a little canter/jog/much.  i was bareback, afterall.

more pics from the Let's Get Messy Party, however i think i've already left you with enough for this particular entry.  you're welcome.  and if you vomited in your mouth a little bit i apologize.

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