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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

messy bessy.

'twas messy.
just like we wanted.
paint. water balloons. sand. cupcakes. pony rides.
'twas also awesome.

here is birthday girl, addi, getting ready for her party.
you might remember her from way back here...
when i fell in love again.
she is so schwoopy.

In this family, it's not a party without water balloons.
and the fifty bajillion blisters you get from tying up hundreds of these suckers.
just ask kim.
we suckered her into it this time.
and then she suckered her little cousin into it.

my sister is fancy.
she has messy parties and makes sure to wear a bouquet in her hair.

look at this {baby} girl painting with her feet.
and so much fun.

pony rides.
heck yeah pony rides.
we all wanted them when we were little.
{i got one when i was big.}
as long as you were little and fit on the saddle, you didn't get messy.
but for those of us that rode bareback...
it was quite messy.
ponies are dirty.

emma conquered her fear.
it was great.
she was proud of herself...
isn't that what life's about?

this boy was too much.
i think he also conquered a fear.
not that he would ever admit to being afraid of a pony, though.

i love it.

messy is also decorating your own cupcakes.
girls are so delicate.
boys are not so much.

notice aidan's cupcake.
he was very efficient in decorating his cupcake.
he just dumped each of his 6 containers onto the top of his cake.
it worked.
i guess.

babies in hats are the best.
i mean seriously, look at this.

she ended her night in the sandbox.
which was more like baby powder.
messy, much?

check out how cute this family is.
i love them.

Happy Birthday, Addison Naomi!
You are so loved.
Thank you for making our lives so much better by just being YOU.

auntie ergica. 
{that was not a typo}

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