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Thursday, June 24, 2010


i was going through my cell phone pictures last night.  two things were obvious to me after looking through the hundreds of photos on there:

1.  Sophie likes being the center of attention the most.
2.  Emma likes being the center of attention the least.

in blogging, even when you post a bajillion pictures, nine times out of ten, those pictures are intentionally "perfect." 

i found some that are opposite of perfect that i thought i would share (because i'm human and admit to the fact that i'm not perfect all the time, thus, sharing imperfect photos are also important to me).

"Please don't send this to Uncle Shinnyyyyyy!"

this is ethan showing me how he can carry his sister.  "Mom, take a picture of me carrying emma."
what i ended up taking a picture of was him carrying emma and then falling over into me.
perfect.  UNperfect.

wow.  who hasn't seen this before?
i don't even know how this happened.

these two boys are cousins - but more like brothers.
we were on our way to a football game.
they were silly and i think i managed to capture that well.

this is sophie freaking out on me.
the sound feed was just as you can imagine.

but for every one of these above, i had five of these...

sophie doing her cheerleader pose at the football game.

the girls playing chick-fil-a drive-thru.

toy story 3.

completely snackified.

didn't want me to hold his hand.
not once.
"Mom, we're in public.  I don't cuddle in public.  Sorry, I'm a man now."

my biggins'.
they scared the ducks at the same time they were making my heart melt.

the flops are still worth keeping.
i mean, i'm pretty sure that's why i took them with my phone in the first place.

kids are awesome.

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