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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

two moms, not the same.

i am two moms in one.
i am mom-the-mom and mom-the-aunt.
they are very very different roles with some slight similarities.

being mom-the-aunt is different because it's less responsibility.
i can have fun and laugh when they randomly throw out the word "poop" in the middle of a sentence.  {because i don't have to be the one that makes sure they don't turn into an adult that randomly throws out the word "poop" in the middle of a sentence.}

i mean, don't get me wrong, it's still my responsibility to make sure they are fine upstanding citizens, at least, partly my responsibility.  but really it's more of a bonus to their parents if i do that.  you're welcome.

being mom-the-aunt is fun.
 i can send them home.
it's cliche.
but it's soooooooooo true.
so much is wrapped up with simply saying...

Addi didn't like her beef with broccoli dinner tonight.
with my kids, i would never let it fly.
there is one {and ONLY one} dinner.
Addi had frosted mini wheats for dinner.
unless you were sophie....

this picture is a result of mom-the-mom saying something way less fun than mom-the-aunt would say.

this one gets me.  i mean, she doesn't always enjoy mom-the-mom, but she gets me.
and she never holds my role against me.
she is divine.

this is ethan doing "three snaps in Z formation."
second grade.

regardless of which mom i am, i would give my life for any of them 
and i will always, ALWAYS encourage...

funny faces.

  but with faces like these, who would want to send them back anyway?

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  1. What an adorable family! And a super cute post to boot! I guess you came through my blog at some point or someone came to my site after visiting yours because I found you by linking through my Feedjit list...either way...great post!