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Sunday, June 6, 2010

my day.

it was my birthday.
it was............ laid back.
thank goodness.

the only thing that would make me rethink the "laid back" title would be ...
thinking back to mid-day when the girls tripped over each other
and emma's tooth came flying out of her face.

since sophie likes to run through the house with chopsticks (for drumsticks)
i completely freaked out when emma ran up to me screaming...
with a mouthful of blood.

in the end, emma told sophie that she actually did her a favor.
the tooth needed to come out eventually.
that is SO emma.

we went up to spend the afternoon/evening with my in-laws.
it was nice and relaxing and i finally finished my projects for my niece's party.
{which is today}

we had a nice dinner and played outside for a long while.
it was only 79 degrees but with the humidity, we were soaked to the bone.

here are my little babes having some fun...

i add this picture of Buddy because i love him.
he used to be my beau's dog but now is the family dog.
one of the family dogs.
but also my personal favorite.

besides his big ears, his feet are his next awesomest part.
it's like he's a seal.

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