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Monday, June 7, 2010

balls.... er, puffs.

it was a DOOOOOOOZY of a hot day.

it was hotter 'an balls... er, puffs, that day.

i was soaked through my shirt before the party ever began.  and it was totally worth my bra showing through my shirt for the entire party because the party turned out so beautifully!
{at least in my humble opinion}


here is my sister... Andrea.  Dre.  Auntie Dre.  Mama Dre.

her middle child was turning 3.  her oldest just turned 4.  her youngest is about to turn 2.
i'm shocked she doesn't have a full-head of gray hair.  or even just one strand.


these puffs were my birthday project.
they distracted me from needing any birthday cake.

my goal was to make it like a dance floor.
or starry night.
or whatever.
that tree was perfect for this very occasion.


below are the wands my mom put together for all the little girls as their take-aways.

we got our inspiration from here.
if you've never checked out Kim's work,
you're doing yourself an injustice.

she has amazing creativity and vision.


the puffs looked so fantastic in these trees.
and little Princess Kaia thought so too...


check this jank out...
my sister created this castle cake for her very special princess.
talk about a show stopper.
{including my butterfly banners in the back}


here is mama dre with her bambina.
i cropped out the unladylikeness of this.
princesses aren't unladylike.
at least, not that you know of...


she was so happy to see a new babydoll.
it was so unfortunate that the heat made the glue on the doll's wig become UNSTICKY.
she was quickly a very bald baby.


when it's your birthday, you get to eat cake and ice cream however you want.  as much as you'd like.

no judgment passed...


this is my "boo" offering me a spot of tea.
she is such a girly girl.
the world would be much better with more girly girls.
{so long as there's not so much sass.}

i love her.

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