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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

sweet MOTHER of....

day three.

bus duty.  totally frantic on my way over because coming home and throwing 4 little kids in a car that don't want to be thrown in a car isn't my idea if fun.  but you know what's even less fun?

having your car refuse to start after all the kids get off the bus.

that is totally less fun and totally defines the made-up word "crapified." 
and what's less fun than that?  

jumping your car, only, you really just jumped the friggin FUSE BOX.

EEK!  I have no power windows, no AC, no radio, no DVD, no rear wiper.... but eventually that car started.  Hubby is at the store with the neighbor now to try to fix my mess.  The neighbor is going to gently break the news to my hubby that the problem was related to my "not connected enough" explanation i told him earlier.... because it wasn't even connected to the battery... but now the new problems that could possibly amount to a lot of money realllllllllllllly could have been avoided had chevy not drawn a picture of a battery on the fuse box.  

so i feel stupid, but chevy should really feel stupid for drawing a battery with a lightning bolt onto the cover of the fuse box.  because, should the fuses have a picture of FUSES on their casing?  or just the freaking word "FUSES"?  

i'm a woman, and i know how to change the oil in cars.  but i felt really tricked this afternoon and now i look like a pathetic woman.  sweet mother of.....

only me.  never chris.  just my luck.

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