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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

hear me vent.

day two.

i miss my man.  long night tonight -- off to the hospital after class.  i'll get to kiss him bye in the morning and then high-five him again during bus-stop-kid-swap.  but you know... at least i get to see him.  could be worse.

tonight i took the kids out to dinner on my own.  my determination to not cook out-won my determination to not go crazy tonight.  foolish determination.  

i guess dinner was ok.  i definitely don't feel myself, but it wasn't as bad as it gets.  so i figured, "what the hell?" let's go brave a full-run to the grocery store.

i should have turned around before even going in.  my four year old was screaming bloody murder in the parking lot because she wanted to bring all 97 pieces of junk with her from the car.  {don't ever doubt motherly instincts.}

wails of being too cold or too hot or bored or tired of walking grated on my nerves like lemon juice to an open wound.  but i kept going.  tried to keep cool.  

and then they all started yelling that they had to poop.  POOP.  my seven year old BLARING this in the store... so we took our cart full of meats back to the front of the store so everyone could utilize that awesome "family restroom" up there.  {sweet jeebus it is an awesome bathroom}

low and behold, emma has stepped in bright blue nasty gum.  GUM.  {who still spits gum on the floor these days?  WHO I ASK?  because it is totally not PC, nor is it green.  so why do people still do it?  jerks. }  anyone who knows me knows i hate gum.  i hate it in your mouth, i hate it on your finger, i hate it.  it literally makes me want to vomit.  and while i know i am a drama queen, i seriously could vomit just thinking about it again.  i was over-the-top angry at this point and just wanted to get the hell out of dodge.  low and behold i somehow forgot milk and my frozen berries -- the entire reason i felt the need to do the shopping this very night.

'round the store we went one more time.  i have the hardest time finding things in this particular store.  however there are more perks than i can count when shopping here, so the fact that i have a hard time finding things kind of doesn't matter.  until sophie yells that she has to POOP again.

sweet baby jebus someone please swap me places.

so we head back to the family restroom and she finishes her business to the tune of constant scolding from her mother about just getting it all out the first time.  

i immediately headed to the check-out.  for heaven's sake, if i forgot something, i'd take vacation time off from work tomorrow to go get it -- i wasn't interested in facing additional time up in that joint.  yes, i said joint.  because at this point, it felt like my living hell.  

{i'm dramatic, remember?}

on the way home they got an earful.  i felt the need to remind them that i work all day.  i deal with problems and problem people all day.  i come home to high-five their father in the driveway as he peels his wheels to school and i peel mine to the bus-stop.  then i get everyone home and hear nothing but constant whining about how they can't even watch t.v. in the living room b/c the remote is gone and "how fair is that for me to torture them like this?" -- keep in mind that one of these three mangy rats lost the remote while dad and i were at the hospital last week.  no pity please.

but i digress...

i begged them to understand how much their father and i are juggling right now.  that i go to work early and dad goes to school late all so we can have a better life.  and to get better jobs.  i don't know what i expected, but...

emma swears chris just wants to babysit kids for a living and ethan interjects with "he just wants hard abs."

good lord.

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