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Saturday, May 22, 2010


another weekend with my in-laws.  i seriously love these people.  number one, they love me for me.  number two, they always have great snacks.  number three.... i jest, i jest.  i mean, having great snacks doesn't hurt, but it certainly isn't the second most important reason why i love them.  {at least, that what i'm telling you}

busy weekend, which seems to be our norm.  and maybe it's less busy than it is laundry-disabling.  that's ok because i get great snacks in return.  and my kids play hard.  lots of oxygen to their brains isn't a bad thing.


my father-in-law should be released monday.  life may slow down a tad at that point, not that it has to.  having him home after the surgery that he underwent will be a milestone, and one of the first steps we need to get through in order to continue the long road that lies ahead.

it was a little easier to cheer him on when he was so glad just to be able to hold my hand.  now that he's feeling more like himself, he has no problem letting me know i need to stop rubbing his feet.  the sheer fact that he can say, mid-conversation, "ok, well, thanks for coming, we'll see you later..." makes me realize how much he must love me.   and i love that old geezer, too.  

can't wait for monday.   should i go ahead and pre-pick my bottle of red out?  can't wait to celebrate.

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