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Monday, May 17, 2010


having wonderful in-laws is something you can't take for granted.  
i am lucky.  really.

to have the same wonderful support in my in-law family as i do in my own-blood family is truly something i can't imagine not having.  i wish everyone were so lucky.

having been through strenuous times like this in my own-blood family, i know the importance of a strong familial support system... to be able to say i have that on both sides simply amazes me.  


i'm working early hours over the next four weeks to accommodate my hubby's school schedule.
it's nice to be at work so early...
it's nice to come from work so early...
but i'm sleepy.

so very, very sleepy.  

i shouldn't complain, though.  my father-in-law is reaaaaaaaallllllly sleepy.
they don't let you get much sleep in the hospital.
and neither do his hiccups.

it's a nice call back to reality... you know...

when you sit and think about all of the little things that you'd like in life, just remember... you could be laid up in the hospital with staples across your abdomen and a case of hiccups that last for hours.  my life could totally be worse.


a total positive to our wacky weekend schedule has been seeing these awesome little faces all the time:

her cheekies are to die for.
they are as good as they look.

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