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Friday, May 14, 2010


i admit... it's great knowing you're out there.
because some days i wonder if i should keep writing.
then i remember... {and don't take this personally}...

it's not for you, per se.
{though it still lends to my guilt when i have a lapse in blogging, i assure you}

baby books, shot.
scrapbooks, shot.
written journals, shot.

my poor, sweet, unknowing babes.


we've had a stressful week around here.  my father-in-law had his major surgery -- which means mom and dad haven't really been around much.  and even if we have been around, mentally.... we're just not there.
i came home from work today with something i've wanted for YEARS.
my co-worker was going on a trip and offered to let me borrow his for the duration of his trip.
{color me freaking giddy.}

you heard that right sister.

not just any blender.

the ONLY blender.

smoothie time.
frozen fruit.
little bit of ice.
little bit of splenda.
off the hizzle.

in 45 seconds we had pure bliss.
it only took half that time to get my first frozen headache.
but totally worth it.

i even jazzed them up with little umbrellas.
just for fun.

i love these babes o' mine.
can't wait to get our 'mix on tomorrow.

only, mine will certainly include...
a bit o' rum.

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