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Monday, May 24, 2010


every moment has it's purpose in life.  

as difficult as it is to have a parent diagnosed with cancer, it's more difficult to realize how it could be worse.

every moment has it's purpose in life.

my father in law has this roommate named Bill.  Bill is 55 yrs old.  Bill has a loving wife and mother.  Bill has cancer.

one of the worst parts of waiting for my FIL's surgery to be over was wondering if it really was going to begin.  they told us that if we got a phone call before the 2 hour point of the surgery that it was a bad sign.

Bill's family got that call.

we were there when Bill awoke from surgery, only to see the time on the wall and the certain implication of his quick awakening.  to say it was heartbreaking doesn't even begin to describe the situation.

Bill has stage 4 cancer.

the news we all received last thursday was devastating to our family.  by saturday, we were singing another tune.  it was as it if was a gift at this point.  to realize how things could have been... well... it makes us all a bit emotional, and extremely thankful.

life is made up of moments.  some are memories.  some are lessons.  all are important.

this is one that won't be taken for granted.

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