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Thursday, April 22, 2010

silly peas.

sometimes life is so sweet.
i'm trying to appreciate all the little things a little more.

a better shot of emma wizzing down the street on her bike.
i felt i owed this to her since she has worked so hard in a very independent way, at learning to ride her bike.


the other night chris went off to school and i was left at home with a bunch of silly peas.
i mean... silly.
these peas... well... they made me green with envy that i wasn't living in their moment as a 6 year old.
i really love my babes.

i wish i liked to take funny face pictures of myself.
but alas, i don't... so my kids make up for it.
i don't know why, but they love it more than dessert.
they could do it for hours.
and they almost did.

you should know...

none of these were prompted by me.
none of these were really planned.
all of these were begged for.
all of these were taken amongst much laughter.

my sister described emma's eyes when she was born as giant blueberry eyeballs.
it must be said, they are giant.  or maybe that's obvious.
but they are also slowly transforming from the middle out to green.
my baby is missing her baby blues.
which is why she loves to wear blue.
it makes the blue {that is left} a little more... SHAZAM!

i love this kid.
or should i say, monkey?
but what the hell kind of face is this?
he was quite pleased.

all three were sitting on my lap in this one.
1.  it was not comfortable.
2. i was painfully leaning back across the arm of my wooden adirondack just to get them all in the shot.
{that's called mommy love}
3. it was shortly after this moment that sophie plopped on my lap, and hence, my phone, taking a great shot of her booky - cue laughter.

Madonna?  Pshhhhawwww.
my babes can strike a pose like it's their J-O-B.

don't even ask.
i mean, obviously it had to do with stanky armpits.
but why would my 7 year old attempt {and succeed} at licking his armpits?
{especially since he's the only one that regularly stanks up his shirts?}

{no words needed}

i have to tell you about this last picture...
my boy laid out his clothes {as we do each and every night} for school...
check out the socks.
why have i never thought of that?
he felt brilliantly successful at his task that night.
i kind of agree.
why would anyone lay them out in a ball?

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