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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


that's right.
i said... nonfailure.
i didn't give up, and neither did the kids.
i've got 2/3 of my crew up on two wheels. 

i feel pretty awesome.

doesn't she look like a pro?
she was the first to really want to do this.
she never gave up.
always put her all into it.
and SHE was the motivational force that got her big brother
up on two wheels.

he didn't think he would ever learn.
and i didn't either.
{he definitely HAS given up on learning to tie his shoes.  which is why his little sister does it for him}
but he's out there.
loud and proud.
doing "tricks".
tricks involve lifting his feet off the pedals...
for a split second.

but this is the exact reason why i don't want him giving up on tackle football.
i'm not saying i want him to play now through high school.
but i am saying i want him to conquer his humungous fear of getting hurt.
it has seriously limited his playfullness.
and i'm not saying that's due to his mother yelling at him constantly to not do things because...

... you could break your face...
... you could fall off the deck and break your neck...
... you could get your foot cut off...
... etc...
... etc...
... etc...

i might be dramatic.
but when kids are trying to get up on a deck rail to play "tightwire"...
um, yeah...
my instincts kick in..
{and they are slighty dramatic for emphasis}

but that's ok.
because it's all in the name of love.

so i don't plan on forcing him to play ball this season.
but i am heavily encouraging him so that he can feel the euphoria that exists in...
conquering your fear.

he got a little taste of that on his bike.
and he liked it.
wish me luck.
and don't discourage me.
or him.
because we are on a path to discovering our full capabilities in life.

both of us.

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