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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I have been blessed in so many ways.

Yesterday was my eighth anniversary to my beau.

It wasn’t focused on us in the least.

{and we’re ok with that}

Eight years ago I was not only rewarded with a lifetime commitment from my husband, but I also got an amazing family as a bonus.

This weekend we received some devastating news about my father in law. It’s quite painful to think about.


Nine years ago I was dating this guy… he was so cute and good hearted and much older than I ever anticipated associating myself with (he was 30, I was 22). Best dimples ever and kindest heart to boot. I was smitten. Things weren’t always perfect, but we knew we wanted to work towards… forever.

Slightly after a year of dating I……. hmmmm…. got knocked up. We’ve always said that child was the reason we got married when we did, however, not the reason we got married. And to this day, I stand by that remark.

We told our families in different ways. None of which were easy. When we told Chris’ family I remember being at the dinner table. I made sure I was sitting one down and on the same side as his mother. I had no idea how she would take the news. But of course, as I predicted, she was uncomfortably shell-shocked. BUT UNDERSTANDABLY SO! I just wanted to make sure I didn’t have to sit and stare at that for the entire meal. It pained me and I truly couldn’t begin to imagine how that must have felt to her. And I didn’t try.

The one person that wasn’t at that meal was my father in law. He was on his way back from Chicago that night. We tried waiting for him to get there before spilling our news, but it didn’t seem like he would make it in time. We left shortly after dinner. On our way out of the neighborhood we passed his father. So, back to the house we went.

I had only met his father a few times in that year. I was completely nervous to relay this level of information to him. It was a big uncomfortable deal.

As he brought his bags into the house that night, we stood at the kitchen counter and told him. He was ecstatic. In fact, his words were… “It better be a girl!!”

Throughout these nine and a half years that man has loved me like his own daughter. I may not have produced a girl that first time, but he certainly got his wish not once, but twice after that! That’s how much I loved him. {and yes, I’m well aware that I had no real control over the sex of my children}

To say I’m sad about the unknown future goes without saying. My father in law is a wonderful man, a great grand-father to my children, and someone I really admire. He welcomed me into the family eight years ago as if I was his daughter by birth. I hurt for my entire family right now. Because if I can love this man this much, what about his own flesh and blood? I just can't imagine. And wouldn't you know, my hubby is sticking with the potential benign future that could lie ahead of us. Part of me worries about that, but part of me also knows someone always has to play that role.

But, to end on a somewhat lighter note...
{because that's how i roll}
This morning I woke up from a night of tears to...

Hold yer breath...


Yes, this Asian had eyelids.
Tears at night = eyelids on Asians.

I have to say... I looked so wierd.
I can't imagine having surgery to make this look permanent.
Crazy Asians.

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