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Thursday, April 8, 2010


easter was all about the kids.  just because the adults were sick with worry didn't mean the kids should know about it.  we held a massive egg hunt for the kids {with over 225 eggs} and it was mighty fun to see these kids do their easter thang.
all the hamako grandkids {minus little jack and charlie} with
little winston on the far right {the sweet little neighbor}
my girls with their idol {miss mia}
we follwed up easter morning at my in-laws with easter afternoon at my sister's.
it was my beautiful nephew's 4th birthday.
it was an awesome afternoon.
ethan laughing because he just successfully put his whoopie cushion
under someone's booky.
aidan and his monster truck cake.
he was SO excited!
{i can't blame him.  the cake was awesome!}

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