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Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Foolio.

my little ethan has always wanted a baby brother. 

{and ohhhhhhhhhh how i still long for that to happen, even though it's impossible.}

so flash-back to dinner after class the other night...

we took the kids downtown to have some italian cuisine and visit the italian market.

sitting at dinner my son, my first born, my sole son, my heart of hearts could not stop pulling April Fool jokes on us.  and the waitress.  and anyone who would listen.

i kind of had it.

so, i pulled one.  

"Ethan, you know how you've always wanted to have a brother?  Well, get ready, because you're going to get one!"

tears.  lots of them.  but they weren't happy tears like i thought they would be.  they were ANGRY tears.

i couldn't believe what i was seeing.  all these years of constantly begging and all of the sudden he's angry.

"April Fool's, although I now think I'm the worst mommy ever!"

Ethan wipes away his personal flood of emotions, looks at me and says, "Mommy, i know you want another baby so badly.  I'm going to give you grandbabies."

I said, "Well that's great E, but you have to wait until you're at LEAST 25, have gone through college, have a good job, and a place to live."

E says, "Noooooo problem!"

And how I forgot this one, I don't really know, but I said, "OH, and of course, you need a WIFE!"

E stops breathing.  "Um, sorry Mom, that's not gonna happen --- it's just gonna be me and a dog.  No women allowed."

of course.

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