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Thursday, April 1, 2010

common bond.

today we went to school with chris.  the weather was absolutely amazing and i felt the pull of the outdoors tonight, suggesting i accompany my beau to class.  but not all the way to class.  just as far as the front door of his building.

this is our common bond.

this school.

i graduated eight years ago, with baby ethan all warm and cozy inside my womb.

if all goes right and as planned, chris will graduate in 2011. 

tonight, i sat in the grass and let the kids run free.  until i saw classroom windows open, at which point it turned into a much more stressful event than originally forecasted.  oh well.  right?

i loved it.
even though it consisted of two children in timeout for 25 mins a piece...
i loved it.
and i am pretty sure they did too.

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