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Friday, March 26, 2010


as many people of asian decent say with an accent... 


guess who has poison ivy on her tookus....

oh yes.
that's right.
i do.
and my tookus.
we itch.

the hubby has it all over his neck and arms and legs.  so guess how i must have got it?

hope that great tree that is currently ivy-less is HAPPY... because my rear is not.  

one less tree to be swallowed by ivy on the USNA golf course, one additional member of my family that now has poison ivy because of it.  and i didn't even climb the tree.  f you tree.  do you even realize how horrible it is to have an itchy butt?  of course you don't.  but now you know what life is like without ivy wrapped around your trunk.  call me crazy, but i don't think we're even.

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